Friday, July 15, 2011


You Better Believe I'm Coming
You Better Believe What I Say
You Better Hold On To Your Promises
Because You Bet, You'll Get What You Deserve

She's Going To Leave Him Over
She's Gonna Take Her Love Away
So Much For Your Etenal Vows, Well
It Does Not Matter Anyway

Why Can't You Stay Here Awhile
Stay Here Awhile
Stay Here Awhile
Stay With Me

Oh, All The Promises We Made
All The Meaningless And Empty Words
I Prayed.. Prayed..Prayed
Oh, All The Promises We Broke
All The Meaningless and Empty Words
I Spoke.. Spoke.. Spoke

What Of All The Things That You Taught Me
What Of All The Things That You'd Say
What Of All Your Prophetic Preaching
You're Just Throwing It All Away

Maybe We Should Burn The House Down
Have Ourselves Another Fight
Leave The Cobwebs In The Closet
'Cos Tearing Them Out Is Just Not Right

Promises - Cranberries


Gunaqz said...

farah, dalam gambar tu, ko kah?

Farah Faridah said...

iya gunaqz...napa nda sama kah..hehe

beaty said...

nanti sia mau try pki spek mcm tu..lawa..hehe


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